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Basin Creek  Fortine
Belmont Creek  Missoula
Blue Sky Creek  Fortine
Bluebird Creek  Fortine
Cedar Creek  Libby
Davis Creek  Fortine
Deep Creek  Fortine
Dickey Creek  Fortine
East Fork Creek Pipe Creek  Libby
Edna Creek  Fortine
Fishtrap Creek  Wisdom
Fortine Creek  Fortine
Granite Creek  Libby
Indian Creek  Fortine
Lake Creek  Libby
Libby Creek  Libby
Lime Creek  Fortine
Little Cherry Creek  Libby
McGinnis Creek  Libby
Meadow Creek  Libby
Murphy Creek  Fortine
O'Brien Creek  Libby
Poorman Creek  Libby
Ramsey Creek  Libby
Rich Creek  Fortine
Rock Creek  Trout Creek
Sinclair Creek  Fortine
Stahl Creek  Fortine
Sunday Creek  Fortine
Swamp Creek  Fortine
Therriault Creek  Fortine
Trout Creek  Trout Creek
Twin Meadows Creek  Fortine
Weasel Creek  Fortine
Williams Creek  Fortine
Wolf Creek  Libby
Wolverine Creek  Fortine

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