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East Fork Creek Pipe Creek

Libby Montana

Listing Type: Creek
City: Libby Montana
Region: Glacier Country

This is a small stream averaging 7 feet in width and 7 inches in depth. The middle reaches flow through a rather steep, rocky gradient averaging 5 to 6 percent. Resident habitat suitability is high throughout most of the stream with rainbow, cutthroat, and brook trout (up to 10 inches) in and around the pool areas. The stream can be accessed from almost any point along Road 336, although the stream banks will be very brushy in some areas.

Directions: From Libby, travel north on Highway 37, crossing the Kootenai River. Turn left onto Pipe Creek Road 68, turn and travel north for 19 miles to East Fork Pipe Creek Road 336, which runs adjacent to the stream for approximately 19 miles.

East Fork Creek Pipe Creek
Kootenai National Forest, Libby, MT 59923

  • Fishing

Libby Montana
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