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Cedar Creek

Libby Montana

Listing Type: Creek
City: Libby Montana
Region: Glacier Country

This is a high mountain stream with high to very high resident habitat suitability. Rainbow trout (up to 9 inches) can be found in the pools and undercut bank areas. Cedar Creek averages 13 feet in width and 10 inches in depth. Foot travel along the stream bank is generally fairly easy with a mature cedar overstory dominating most of the stream and valley bottom. Fishing pressure is light.

Adjacent are Cedar Creek Trail 141 and Scenery Mountain Trail 649 which offer hiking opportunities in the area.

Directions: From Libby, travel 4.5 miles on Highway 2, the turn left (south) onto the Cedar Creek road. The lower 2 miles of stream are easily accessed from the Cedar Creek Road, with the upper reaches accessed by a well-maintained trail (foot or horse travel only). The lower .5 mile of the stream near the mouth is located on private land and permission should be obtained prior to fishing.

Cedar Creek
Kootenai National Forest, Libby, MT 59923

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Libby Montana
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