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Ghost Town

Alder Gulch  Virginia City
Buckeye Mine  Jefferson City
Cable Mine  Anaconda
Coloma - Mystery Camp of Garnet Range  Missoula
Copperopolis  White Sulphur Springs
Garnet Ghost Town  Drummond
Giltedge  Lewistown
Gold Coin Mine  Anaconda
Granite Ghost Town  Philipsburg
Greenhorn Gulch (Austin)  Elliston
Hassel (St. Louis)  Townsend
Karst's Camp  Big Sky
Kendall  Lewistown
Laurin  Alder
Lump Gulch  Clancy
Maiden  Lewistown
Marysville  Marysville
Nevada City  Virginia City
Rimini  Helena
Taft  Saltese
Town Site of Zortman and Landusky  Zortman
Virginia City  Virginia City
Yogo Gulch  Lewistown

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