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Lewistown Montana

Listing Type: Ghost Town
City: Lewistown Montana
Region: Central Montana

In the beginning there was confusion over the naming of Maiden. Three different stories describe where Maiden got its name but the naming of the town didn't slow down it's population. In 1881 population grew to 6,000 people with most of the men living in tents along the creek. By 1883 there were 154 houses and stores. In 1883 Maiden was almost ended. Orders came from Captain Cass Durham on August 8th to leave the city in 60 days. As Maiden was within the military territory of the cavalry battalion Fort Maginnis the townspeople wrote a petition to move the town's boundaries. The Captain received the petition and didn't object to moving the boundary lines in order to keep Maiden out of his territory, Maiden was saved.

Maiden was the first camp in the Judith and Moccasin fields which made fortunes for miners drifting out of Alder Gulch. This camp was considered a high grade camp. $18,000,000 in gold was mined but like all the other ghost towns milling began to stop. By 1888 the population had dwindled to 1,200 and by 1896 only 200 people were left. Later some of the buildings were moved to Lewistown and Kendall. In 1905 a fire destroyed the rest of the town leaving no reason to rebuild.

Directions: Maiden is located in the central area of Montana. It is situated north east of Lewistown off of Highway 191.

Lewistown Area Chamber of Commerce, Lewistown, MT 59457

  • Historic

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