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Marysville Montana

Listing Type: Ghost Town
City: Marysville Montana
Region: Southwest Montana
800-7HELENA (743-5362)

Marysville was once a thriving gold camp. Now Marysville is a small community with several buildings listed on the National Historic Register. There is much to see here in this almost ghost town. The town is far from being deserted and some mining still goes on. It's nothing like the rip-roaring period when Irishman Tommy Cruse's magnificent Drumlummon Mine poured out $50,000,000. In the years of the 1880's and 1890's Marysville was said to have been the leading gold producer.

Tommy Cruse sold the mine for $1,500,000 to an English syndicate. They went bankrupt and sold the mine to Nathan Vestal. Vestal sold it and came back a year later to work in the mine because he was out of money. And the story goes on.

Cruse moved to Helena and helped build the cathedral and founded a bank. Cruse missed the action of the mines. So he bought the Bald Mountain and the West Belmont mines near Marysville and enjoyed life again.

The Catholic church and general store still serve the community. The general store is a good place to hear the stories of Marysville from some long time residents.

Directions: Marysville is located in the western area of Montana. It is north west of Helena.

225 Cruse Avenue, Suite A, Helena, MT 59601

  • Historic

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