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Lewistown Montana

Listing Type: Ghost Town
City: Lewistown Montana
Region: Central Montana

Mining around Gilt Edge was not easy because regular means of mining could not be used. It was in 1893 when a cyanide mill was established at the foot of the mountain that Gilt Edge became a settlement. The ore quality was always low grade around Gilt Edge.

It wasn't long after opening the mill that money became short to pay the miners. The owners of the mine sent Colonel Ammon to oversee the operation. The mine was shutdown with $25,0000 in bullion ready for shipment. Before the sheriff could get to the bullion for distribution of payment to the miners, Ammon took off with it. Messmore Kendall came to the scene and almost got the bullion back but it was not where Ammon said. Ammon was tried and convicted but he jumped bail. Ammon ended up in the Sing Sing Prison in New York for stock swindling.

During 1900-1901 Gilt Edge was considered one of the best towns in the country. Gilt Edge reached its peak between 1908 and 1909. Calamity Jane, calling it her favorite, frequented Gilt Edge. On several occasions she spent time in their jail.

Directions: Gilt Edge is located the central area of Montana. It is 20 miles northeast of Highway 191 (Judith Park Recreation Area.)

Inquire at Lewistown. Gilt Edge is just across the range from Maiden. The best way to reach Gilt Edge is by driving east from Lewistown ten or eleven miles to Cheadles schoolhouse and then northwest to the townsite.

Lewistown Area Chamber of Commerce, Lewistown, MT 59457

  • Historic

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