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Seymour Creek Trail

Wise River Montana

Listing Type: National Forest Trail
City: Wise River Montana
Region: Southwest Montana

The trailhead is paved and has a stock ramp, hitching post, feed bunk and a toilet. This is the start of the Continental Divide Trail in the Anaconda-Pintler Wilderness. The trail is signed and well marked. There is a visitor registration box two miles in on the trail at the Wilderness Boundary. The trail runs along the east side of Seymour Creek through lodgepole pine and is well maintained. Upper Seymour Lake contains rainbow and cutthroat trout. There are several sites below the lake suitable for stock camping. Forage is limited immediately around the lake and stock tethering restriction of 200 feet from the lake shore. This is to prevent damage to the sensitive vegetation and help previously damaged vegetation recover. Hikes through to Storm Lake are possible if the trail to Goat Flat is clear of snow.

Seymour Creek Trail (131) begins just above Lower Seymour Campground and is a nice gentle hike. The trail follows the creek up the valley floor through lush lodgepole pine forest all the way to Upper Seymour Lake. Small meadows full of wildflowers punctuate the trail along the lower sections. Climbing the last mile or so to the lake the trail becomes slightly strenuous. There are several good stock campsites, one is a .5-mile below the lake off the main trail and the other is at Queener Pond. To reach the stock camp at Queener Pond, follow the trail which starts on the outlet of the lake heading southwest from the lake over a few rolling hills to the meadows. There is fair forage here and good water. There is no forage near the lake.

The Trail is 7 miles to Upper Seymour Lake, 2 more miles to Goat Flat, and 1 more mile to Storm Lake Pass. The trail has an easy grade for the first 5.5 miles then moderate the rest of the way but the last 1.5 miles is a steady climb. The trail to Goat Flat is more vigorous and moderately steep.

Length: 10 miles.Trail Begins: End of Seymour Creek Road 934, .5 mile above Lower Seymour Lake Campground.Trail Ends: Junction with Trail 41, coming from Storm Lake at Goat Flat

USGS Map: Lower Seymour, Anaconda-Pintler Wilderness

Directions: Travel 11 miles west of Wise River on Highway 43, then take Anaconda Road 274 north for 4 miles, then take Seymour Creek 934 northwest for 8 miles.

Seymour Creek Trail
Beaverhead-Deerlodge National Forest, Wise River, MT 59762

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