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Forsyth Montana

Located in: Southeast Montana

Forsyth, county seat of Rosebud County, is nestled below a rim of rough badlands along the banks of the Yellowstone River. Forsyth is a pretty town, with a lot of trees and western character. Forsyth has developed well economically without forgetting its rich history. Forsyth offers recreational opportunities and a nice place to spend the night.

Forsyth was named after General James Forsyth, who was a U.S. Army officer arriving by steamer at the site of the present town in 1875. With the abundant growth of cottonwood in the area steamers often stopped here to refuel their engines. The town was established in 1880 and earned its post office in 1882 when the Northern Pacific arrived. The wealth the community produced in its early years can be seen by buildings located along Main Street; the Rosebud County Courthouse is one of them.

In 1910 the Milwaukee Railroad extended north into the Judith Basin opening a new territory for settlement and establishing Forsyth as a trading hub. The economy today is stilled fueled by the railroad.

If hunting and fishing spark your fancy, the Forsyth area will certainly appeal to you. Big game hunting includes trophy antelope as well as mule deer and whitetail deer. Upland birds' You bet! Through the cooperation of Montana's Department of Fish, Wildlife and Parks and area landowners, a few minutes in your vehicle puts you smack dab in the middle of ducks, geese, pheasants, grouse, partridges and wild turkeys.

Boating and fishing excitement flow with the wide Yellowstone River, right next to Forsyth. Two state parks, the Rosebud State Recreation Area East Unit and West Unit, give access to the river, with plenty of camping and picnic space.

The surrounding area abounds in agates. The Montana moss agates are modules of gray, translucent chalcedony which, when cut and polished, are seen to contain small manganese dendrites of pleasing appearance. Enthusiastic agate hunters visit the Yellowstone River banks each year, and lapidary work is the hobby of many.

Forsyth is located along what is known as the Lewis and Clark Trail. In the exploration of the great Northwest Territory, Captain William Clark passed through Rosebud County on July 28, 1806 en route down the Yellowstone River to meet Meriwether Lewis, who was traveling down the Missouri River.

Activities and/or guided services for this area include hiking, boating, hunting, fishing, and golf..

Forsyth is located in southeastern Montana, 45 miles west of Miles City and 100 miles northeast of Billings..

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