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Carter County Museum

Ekalaka Montana

Listing Type: Museum
City: Ekalaka Montana
Region: Southeast Montana

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Carter County Museum, founded in 1936, holds the distinct honor of being the first county museum founded in the State of Montana. Located within the town of Ekalaka, this little known museum houses some of the finest paleontological discoveries in the United States; as well as numerous artifacts depicting the lives of Native Americans and the early settlers of Carter County. Seventy-five million years ago Carter County was the home of many various species of dinosaurs and their contemporaries living in and along the marshes that bordered the retreating Pierre Sea, which had covered much of eastern Montana. Today their remains are being retrieved from the shale and sands where they were entombed. Among the paleontological finds, housed within the Museum, are a mounted skeleton of an Anatosaurus copei (duckbill, Hadrosaur), complete skulls of Triceratops horridus (three horns), Pachycephalosaurus wyomingenisi (dome head), and a Nannotyrannus lancensis (tiny Tyrannosaur), all collected in local exposures of the Hell Creek cretaceous formation.

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Directions: Ekalaka is located at the junction of Montana State Highway 7 and Carter County Road 323. Just 35 miles south of Baker and 70 miles north of Alzada. The museum is at 100 Main Street in downtown Ekalaka.

Carter County Museum
306 North Main Street, Ekalaka, MT 59324

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