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Maid In Montana Trailride

Wisdom Montana

Listing Type: Adventure Tour
City: Wisdom Montana
Region: Southwest Montana

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We are offering these rides:.June 27 - 29 Castle Reef.July 11-13 and 18 - 20 Warm Spring Creek around Garrison, Montana

Head out for a 'peak' experience in the majestic mountains of Southwestern Montana. Enjoy Montana as you've never seen it

from the back of your favorite horse. Ride scenic mountain trails through beautiful country and familiarize yourself with Montana all over again! View firsthand, remote crystal clear lakes, anticipate seeing that fleeting deer, elk, bear, or moose along the trail, and enjoy an abundance of wildflowers, as only the high country can provide. Rendezvous back at the same nostalgic camp each evening. Meet for cocktails and western barbecues that measure up to the finest chefs anywhere. Relax under a blanket of Montana stars with newfound friends, live entertainment, and more than a little BS!

The weekend begins with check-in at 10:00am on Friday and concludes with a luncheon on Sunday

Bring a well-shod horse or mule (no studs please), crafty items, tack, grooming supplies, any special feed needed, fly spray (some for you, too) saddlebags, canteen, slickers, bedroll, tent, cot or motor home, lawn chair, hard liquor (if you wish), hats, chaps, camera, gloves, warm clothes, travel permit for your horse, health insurance, and GOOD JOKES!

Provided are: authentic Western barbecues, evening cocktails, solar shower and restrooms, hay and stock water, experienced lady wranglers, guided rides of varying lengths and interests, Montana wildlife and flowers, magnificent scenery, and a bazaar hour.

No dogs allowed. No smoking on trail.

Directions: We camp in a different area each year for our trail ride in the area of Southwest Montana. We use a central camping area accessible to most vehicles. Call 689-3181 for details.

Maid In Montana Trailride
, Wisdom, MT 59761

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