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Lolo Trail Center

Lolo Montana

Listing Type: Museum
City: Lolo Montana
Region: Glacier Country

September 13, 1803:


at 2 miles passed several springs which I observed the deer Elk&c had made roads to, and below one of the Indians had made a whole to bathe.

I put my finger in the water at first could not bare it in a second.

-William Clark-

The Lolo Trail Center is located in a unique and historical area. Lewis and Clark stopped by here on September 13, 1803 and again on June 29, 1806. The Nez Perce tribe used this route over the Bitterroots to go hunting for buffalo in the east, and the Salish tribe traveled the trail to procure salmon and camas in the western Nez Perce lands.

We specialize in a variety of books, art, and gifts dedicated to the Lewis and Clark expedition, the Salish and the Nez Perce. We have exhibits about the 1877 Nez Perce War, the Salish meeting Lewis and Clark at Ross Hole and much more. Here you can see and buy unusual items like a replica of a pipe tomahawk or a Mandan war axe. Or perhaps you would like a Lewis and Clark computer game or puzzle for your children' Stroll through our wolf gallery or enjoy a collection of bronzes 'Children of the Earth' by a local artist. Don't forget to look in our bookstore! We have over sixty titles about the Lewis and Clark journey and books on a wide range of topics from hiking to hot springs!

Experience a piece of history! Come and visit us as Lewis and Clark did, at the Lolo Trail Center.

Directions: Lolo Trail Center is located next to Lolo Hot Springs on Highway 12, about 33 miles west southwest of Missoula. We are 7 miles from Lolo Pass and the Montana/Idaho border in the beautiful Bitterroot Mountains and also located on the Lewis and Clark and Nez Perce Trails.

Lolo Trail Center
38600 US Highway 12 West, Lolo, MT 59847

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