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Skydive Lost Prairie

Marion Montana

Listing Type: Adventure Tour
City: Marion Montana
Region: Glacier Country

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If you have watched jumpers in their colorful parachutes float down from the sky, and wanted to try the sport yourself, you can! You can learn to 'jump from a perfectly good airplane' and make your first jump all in one day!

The normal jumping season is from early April until late October but we do jump year round. Jumping can be arranged any day of the week and is not limited to just Saturdays and Sundays. It is necessary to call and make reservations at least 24 hours in advance of the day of your jump. Instruction is given to those 18 or older. Recommended maximum weight is 205 pounds.

Programs offered include: Tandem Freefall, Accelerated Freefall, and Static Line Jumping. To schedule your jump or for more information or to receive a free brouchure about skydiving, call (888) 833-5867 or visit or web site at : www.skydivelostprairie.com

Directions: Skydive Lost Prairie Montana is nestled in a beautiful secluded valley. Located 34 miles west of Kalispell, our private airport is surrounded by gorgeous mountains, peppered with pristine lakes. See it all with a unique point of view. Traveling west from Kalispell on Highway 2 between milepost 88 and 87, turn onto Lost Prairie road and go four miles. Airport to your right.

Skydive Lost Prairie
3175 Lower Lost Prairie Road, Marion, MT 59925

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