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Yogo Sapphire Jewelry

Great Falls Montana

Listing Type: Jewelry Store
City: Great Falls Montana
Region: Central Montana

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The discovery of Yogo Sapphires in 1878, is generally credited to gold prospector Jake Hoover. Jake found some 'blue pebbles' in Yogo Creek, located 45 miles southwest of Lewistown, Montana.

According to local history the lush green gulch was named for a Piegan Blackfoot Indian word referring to romance, or blue sky. The word translates as 'Yogo'.

Yogo sapphires are natural and untreated. Over 90 percent of the sapphires sold today have been treated to enhance their poor color and hide imperfections. Yogo sapphires have the consistent high quality that makes artificial treatments unnecessary. Unlike other sapphires, were formed very slowly (over 650 million years) allowing impurities in the Yogo crystal to be purged through intense heat and pressure.

You can select Yogo Sapphires from hundreds of jewelry designs, in earrings, pendants, rings, and bracelets, as well as unset stones. We are a full service jeweler offering jewelry repair, custom design and faceting. Come in to see our selection of all gemstones, diamonds, wedding sets, and sterling silver.

Directions: Yogo Sapphire Jewelry is located at 1219 Central Avenue and has a large parking lot.

Yogo Sapphire Jewelry
1219 Central Avenue, Great Falls, MT 59405

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