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Old Fort Benton

Fort Benton Montana

Listing Type: Landmark
City: Fort Benton Montana
Region: Central Montana

The remaining monument of the old fur trading days of Fort Benton stands on the banks of the Missouri River. This old northeast bastion is a mute reminder of the days when all of Montana was an unexplored wilderness, inhabited only by the tribes of the northern plains. Historic Fort Benton is being reconstructed as historically accurate as possible, based on the results of the archaeological excavations and extensive research and will include the interpretation of the fur and robe trading era and interaction between the traders and the tribes of the Northern Plains.

The site of historic Fort Benton is a National Landmark. The site has undergone many dramatic changes that have affected its integrity since the Fort was abandoned in 1881 . Sun dried adobe bricks were not able to stand up to the ravages of Montana's weather and by the 1940's only the preserved northeast bastion and a partial wall from the Engages' Quarters remained. Trees were planted throughout the site and it was transformed into a part of the city park. The original Northeast Bastion or Blockhouse has been restored and is open for viewing on an appointment basis. The Fort is currently being reconstructed. The Trade Store, Warehouse and Blacksmith - Carpenters shop have been reconstructed and exhibits and displays are now in place.

The reconstructed portion of Historic Old Fort Benton will be opened for public viewing on Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday afternoons from June 11th through August 31st 4 - 5:30pm. Guided tours can be aranged through the Museum of the Upper Missouri or the Museum of the Northern Great Plains in Fort Benton.

Old Fort Benton
, Fort Benton, MT 59442

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